The largest, single contributor to the average Hawaiian household electric bill is a hot water heater. 

According to the Hawaii Homeowner’s Guide to Energy, Comfort & Value, published by the State of Hawaii, Hawaiian Electric Company has determined that 40% of the average consumer’s electric bill feeds water heaters. Let our abundant Hawaiian sunshine take that burden off your electric bill by letting it do what it does best, heat things up! No one solution fits every household. Our trained solar consultants can provide you with an analysis that will provide you with the best options for your individual situation.

Solar Hot Water Heating

Using water heated by the sun (which is plentiful), instead of water heated by electricity, can make the single, largest impact on your monthly electric bill. These systems have become only more efficient over the years. Our skilled solar consultants can take care of everything, from design and permitting to successful, professional installation.  

Our Solar Hot Water technicians have a minimum of 10 years of experience installing and maintaining solar water heating systems on Oahu.  Solar Cool Hawaii is a participating contractor with Hawaii Energy’s solar hot water program.


The Empire collectors’ large diameter Type-M copper riser tubes allow the Empire collector to be used in glycol forced circulation, drain back, or open-loop system configurations depending upon the climate and application.



Blazing Tubes solar hot water system is a self-contained system mounted to your roof that produces 80 gallons of solar-heated-water daily.  Blazing Tubes sends it through your gas heater and reduces your heater usage by 80% and the payback can be in as little as 3 years.

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It operates WITHOUT costly pumps, controller electronics or large volume storage tanks.  The long term results are: year of service, free of repair and maintenance costs. 

• 10 Year Warranty

• 5Year Warranty

• Approved by Hawaii Energy

• Locally engineered

• Works directly with your existing gas heater (National Testing Organizations include: Solar Rating & Certification Corporation International Assoc. Of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials) 


Available in 80 and 120 Gallon Side Connect and Top Connect Models.          
Choice of two models…storage tank or single element water heater, both specially equipped for installation with residential direct solar systems.



Choosing a stainless steel circulator ensures that you will always have the right pump - whether it is an open or closed system.  Grundfos offers three stainless steel models, including two that feature our 3-speed SuperBrute technology.


Our trained solar consultants can help you find the best solution for your house. The most efficient system will take into consideration your personal usage needs, the location and pitch of your roof, the overall condition of your plumbing and other factors. This is where Solar Cool Hawaii truly differentiates itself from the competition. We help you get what you need, not just what we sell.